Offer your product samples, free spins, free packages, sample samples, sample or sample samples with the innovative language assistant solution from blueShepherd. We have developed a Voice Product Sample called “VoiceSample” with Double Opt-In and Privacy Compliance.

Benefits and Features of Voice Product Samples Product VoiceSample:

  • You do not need a landing page for voice product sample products
  • You save on tracking and measuring effort
  • You can design “always-on” product tasting options without it costing you extra.
  • Qualified leads (email addresses and full name)
  • You can run multiple product samples at the same time WITHOUT additional costs
  • Privacy advice Basic package (via partner company) is included in the price.

The VoiceSample solution is ideal for various market participants:

  • Agencies (media agencies, creative agencies, etc.)
  • Media houses and publishers
  • Advertisers
  • Product sample aggregators
  • Free sample aggregators
  • Brand sample aggregators
  • Sample aggregators
  • Sample pack aggregators
  • Other market participants

Order your VoiceSample Alexa Skill today and run the product sample campaigns through voice assistants (such as Alexa).

Feel free to ask for a voice product sample (VoiceSample) product demo.

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